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  • Checklist – What To See and Do in Nieuwoudtville and surrounds.

    This is a cryptic list of what you should see and do in and around Nieuwoudtville and the list is not restricted to the flower season. Aloe dichotoma (Kokerboom) Forrest at Gannabos Hantam National Botanical Gardens The Windmill Museum at Loeriesfontein The Waterfall 7 kilometres from Nieuwoudtville on the way to Loeriesfontein The drive to […]

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  • Ruins Grootdrif

    The ruins at Grootdrif are of particular interests for architects and historians. Approximately 5 km from the foot of Vanrhyns Pass traveling northwards you will pass Grootdrif. Early in the 20th century this was a thriving little community with a school, post office and shop. The architect Gabriel Fagan recently published a book titled “Brakdak, […]

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  • Waterfall flash flood

    On a Sunday afternoon driving the Rondekop Route I came across this amazing sight. A flash downpour resulted in muddy almost orange colored water cascading over the fall. An occurrence possibly only once in 50 years, but the fall itself has been there for thousands of years. There is always something unique happening around Nieuwoudtville. […]

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  • Ruins at Groenrivier

    These ruins date back to approximately 1750. Urbanization in the 20th century decimated the rural areas worldwide and this process is still continuing. This is my most visited place at Nieuwoudtville. It weaves a tale over the centuries. The photographs posted were taken over the years in different seasons and at different times of the […]

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  • Route Grasberg road

    The farm Willemsrivier is on the Graberg Road. These pictures were taken in August 2007. A magnificent day! Nieuwoudtville at its best. The Grasberg route is one of the most scenic drives around Nieuwoudtville. Collect a map from us and we will explain the route to you. Most evenings during August and September I give […]

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  • Rondekop drive

    One of the most scenic drives that can be done from Nieuwoudtville in spring is the Rondekop drive. It starts at the aloe forest and ends at the R27 six kilometers north of Nieuwoudtville. I took all these pictures when I drove this route in August 2006. It was particularly a good year. Pick a […]

  • Flowers
  • Bulbinellas Katsterte

    In spring Katsterte will be found all over the Bokkeveld Plato that surrounds Nieuwoudtville. To see the Orange bulbinella you need to visit Glenlyon now known as Hantam National Botanical Gardens. Pick up a map from us and we will mark up where you will find the different species of Katsterte. Click here to view the […]

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  • Glacial Pavement

    The Glacial Pavement is approximately 10km from town. It is on this road that you can also reach the Hantam National Botanical Gardens (Glenlyon).Pick up a map from us and we will mark up what else should be seen on this route. The Glacial grooves at Oorlogskloof were produced by ice flow some 300 million years […]

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  • Rooibos Tea

    Nieuwoudtville is a major producer of Rooibos Tea. These pictures will take you from harvesting to the bagging of the tea. The tea is harvested in summer and is now also harvested mechanically. The pictures tell it all. Tea can be bought in town. If you are in Nieuwoudtville in the summer months you can […]

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  • The Waterfall

    The waterfall. It is far more than just watching water cascading over the rocky lip. The pictures were taken at different times of the year. The gorge is always worth a visit even in summer. Look for the raptors, the Ficus cordata with roots that snake across the cliffs, Aloe metriformis and Crenum veriabile which […]