• Knersvlakte
  • Knersvlakte Succulents

    Nieuwoudtville is just 22 km from the southern boundary of the Knersvlakte. – Arguably one of the richest if not the richest succulent biome in the world. The N7 tarred road between Vanrhynsdorp and Nuwerus runs through the middle of this biome which is known for its dwarf succulents. They come into flower after the […]

  • Nieuwoudtville
  • Glacial Pavement

    The Glacial Pavement is approximately 10km from town. It is on this road that you can also reach the Hantam National Botanical Gardens (Glenlyon).Pick up a map from us and we will mark up what else should be seen on this route. The Glacial grooves at Oorlogskloof were produced by ice flow some 300 million years […]

  • Nieuwoudtville
  • Rooibos Tea

    Nieuwoudtville is a major producer of Rooibos Tea. These pictures will take you from harvesting to the bagging of the tea. The tea is harvested in summer and is now also harvested mechanically. The pictures tell it all. Tea can be bought in town. If you are in Nieuwoudtville in the summer months you can […]

  • Nieuwoudtville
  • The Waterfall

    The waterfall. It is far more than just watching water cascading over the rocky lip. The pictures were taken at different times of the year. The gorge is always worth a visit even in summer. Look for the raptors, the Ficus cordata with roots that snake across the cliffs, Aloe metriformis and Crenum veriabile which […]

  • Flowers
  • Pride of Nieuwoudtville

    Geissorhiza splendidissima is endemic to Nieuwoudtville. A truly blue flower. It grows on the farm Bikoes to be found on the Grasberg Road. It grows together with Sparaxis tricolor which is also endemic to Nieuwoudtville. The flowers of both bulbs appear in September/October. You must visit Bikoes. Pick up a map from us and we […]