Ruins Grootdrif

The ruins at Grootdrif are of particular interests for architects and historians. Approximately 5 km from the foot of Vanrhyns Pass traveling northwards you will pass Grootdrif.

Early in the 20th century this was a thriving little community with a school, post office and shop. The architect Gabriel Fagan recently published a book titled “Brakdak, Flatroofs in the Karoo”. From pages 94 to 109 there are 27 photographs of Grootdrif. The photographs we have posted were taken 2011/2012. These ruins as well as the many other ruins around Nieuwoudtville tell their story. Pick a map up from us and we will mark up all the ruins that can be visited within a short distance from Nieuwoudtville. I have books in my library from which you will be able to weave your own tale of the past.

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