Suggested Books and Maps when planning your trip

On arrival at the Smidswinkel Restaurant we will provide you with a detailed map of the area.

We will then indicate to you which places you should visit. In the Restaurant we have a very large collection of books which will greatly assist us in answering your questions.

Too often guests arrive with no adequate Maps of the Western Part of South Africa. For your travels it is important that you have a Map of the Greater Namaqualand which should also show the distances between the towns.

There are an enormous number of botanical and historical books on the greater Namaqualand. For your travels in our area we recommend that you consider acquiring at least two books at no great expense. The first is the South African Wild Flower Guide 9 on the flora of Nieuwoudtville, Bokkeveld Plateau and Hantam. Massive number of photographs with both the botanical and common names of the flowers. The 2nd book is the South African Wild Flower Guide Number 1 on Namaqualand.

You are always welcome to call us for further information on both Nieuwoudtville and Greater Namaqualand.

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