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The Route Nieuwoudtville to Clanwilliam

From Nieuwoudtville travel southwards on a road that hugs the escarpment. When you reach the R355 you will turn to your right and drive down Botterkloof Pass.

Shortly after reaching the foot of the pass you will cross the Doring River. This river, the least exploited in South Africa, joins the Olifants River at Trawal on the N7. It is the Doring River that has carried the rich silt which over thousands of years has created the alluvial soils along the banks of the lower Olifants River where today there are vineyards from Klawer right trough to Lutzville and beyond.

Back to the route Nieuwoudtville to Clanwilliam. After crossing the Doring River the road gradually ascends the northern Cederberg and will take you down Pakhuis Pass to Clanwilliam. I recommend that in spring this route is driven from Nieuwoudtville. The sun will be behind you and the flowers will face you. Collect a map from us and we will give you some thoughts on this drive.

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